Buying a duffle coat online? You deserve excellent customer service


There’s always a risk with buying online. Will the item definitely arrive? Will it be as expected? What if it’s the wrong size?

And sometimes, no matter how good the FAQ page, YOUR particular question isn’t showing up.

Frustrating, isn’t it?

When we started selling duffle coats online, we knew that not being able to see or touch our coats might be a problem.

Which is why we have an online chat function during office hours.

And it’s why we have a non-premium number landline with real people on the other end. The phone rings, we pick it up, you talk to a human. Revolutionary.

It’s also why we suggest you use our sizing guide to measure an existing coat that fits you, not your body.

And it’s why we offer free returns in the UK, so changing your mind – or duffle coat size – is simple.


But there are some days when our customer service team walks the extra mile.


Like recently, when Fiona received a strange package.

The package arrived at our office in Leicester and had been posted using one of our standard returns labels. So far so normal.

But when Fiona opened the package, she found three pairs of women’s leggings. From Marks and Spencer.

Which was pretty odd.

So Fiona delved into our database, matched the returns label with the original order, and gave the customer a call.

The customer had previously ordered a Harris Tweed jacket from us. But she was very happy with her Harris Tweed jacket and had no intention of returning it.

So, umm, was there a reason for sending us the M&S leggings?

In the end, the explanation was simple.

In the bustle of everyday life, the wrong returns label had been stuck to the package. The leggings were indeed destined for M&S, but they’d taken a detour via our Leicester office.

So what did Fiona do? She took the correct returns address for M&S from our customer, wrote a new label and sent the leggings on their way.

Because that’s what any decent person would do, right? It saved the customer the hassle of re-returning the leggings, and it was just as easy for Fiona to reroute the leggings to the right address.

And the reason we’re telling you this? If you buy a duffle coat from us, we’ll do everything we can to help you before and after the sale.

And if that means sending on your M&S leggings to save you a headache? Well, we’ll do that too.