Bring some colour into your life

This time of year is all about bringing some freshness into your wardrobe, because after a winter that seems to have gone on forever (and then some) we could all do with a little pick-me-up. Well, why not bring some colour into your life? A pop of colour could be just the thing to put the spring back iAdd an Imagen your step and perk you up a bit, and with so many ways to experiment you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Going colourful is all about making a statement, so put the neutrals back into your wardrobe and get experimenting! A pair of pastel-coloured jeans would look great with a slouchy knit (make it a fun design for added style credentials) whilst a brightly-coloured cardigan is a fantastic option if you’re looking for some added versatility. You could even go all-out with a bright dress or statement top, but if you’re not quite brave enough for all that just yet then make sure to start small. Incorporate colour in delicate, easy steps, perhaps by investing in a stunning pair of shoes or a colour-pop bag, with the accessories adding a colourful edge to a neutral outfit.

It needn’t be that difficult to find colours that will flatter you either. You might think you can’t pull off something so daring, but trust us, you can! Red can be paired with a whole range of other colours making it an incredibly versatile choice whilst purple is great for all skin tones, and if you want to keep it really on-trend you could go for emerald greens or cobalt blues. Oh, and don’t forget the coat either—our short duffles come in a great range of colours and are ideal for this time of year, helping you stay warm and bright as you nail the colourful look. So what are you waiting for? Bring some colour into your life and you’ll be feeling spring-like before you know it!