Bring a short duffle into your life

A new season calls for a new coat, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your trusty duffle behind. Far from it! This time of year is all about nailing the in-betweeny look, keeping you warm without being sweltering and making sure you’re prepared for anything the good old British weather can throw at you, and as luck would have it we think we’ve got the solution—why not try a short duffle on for size?

The short duffle can see you through the coming season with ease, bringing with it the same classic style you’ve grown to love but with the ultimate springtime twist. Its shorter length makes it perfect for this time of year when you can benefit from having a bit less material to contend with but you’ll still have that necessary level of duffle coat warmth for when the wind starts to bite, offering the best of both worlds for a coat that can truly perform.

And, much like its older brother, the short duffle is incredibly versatile. It comes in a range of different colour options to ensure there’s something for everyone, and it can be worn for both informal and more formal occasions which means it’s perfect for work, rest and play. It can be the ideal outerwear solution to your springtime needs, being just as suitable during the working week as it is for a casual weekend about town, making it the ideal finishing touch to your outfit no matter what your style of choice may be.

The short duffle should take pride of place in your wardrobe over the next few months, but don’t take our word for it—why not see for yourself? Take a look at our exceptional range of short duffles and you’ll soon see why you need one in your life.