Blockbuster Coats for Autumn and Winter

In most of our minds, summer is still in full swing. However, when it comes to fashion, everything works in advance. So, while we might all be thinking about which swim suit to buy or whether to wear that crazy sun hat, the fashion industry is way ahead of us – autumn and winter trends are already peaking their heads above the parapets. So, we’ve had a look at some of the menswear trends that have been all over the catwalks – what should we be on the lookout for once the nights start to draw in and the mornings get ever chillier?

Coats are of course the best place to start. Your faithful jacket will have hibernated for the summer and could well be looking a bit worse for wear after last winter’s travails; now’s the time to start thinking about an on-trend upgrade.

This autumn and winter, it’s all about making a splash with a ‘blockbuster’ coat – think designer statements, multi-toned patch work and hybrid creations. The catwalks have showcased outlandish designs from duffel-cross-puffa-jackets, contrasting hoods, ‘shattered’ patchwork and plenty of hounds tooth – sometimes all at the same time. Though you might not fancy incorporating all of these elements into your own outerwear extravaganza, there are a few details that you can easily draw on when looking for your new winter coat.

Many classic silhouettes are still the fashionista go-to; double breasted greatcoats, duffel coats and pea coats are all staples of many designer creations. You can incorporate these into your wardrobe easily, perhaps looking for dual colours, textures and patterns for a bit more of a nod towards the catwalks. While the ‘blockbuster’ coat might turn heads on the runway, your everyday look needn’t be as extravagant. You can still capture the essence of this season’s look with a well styled silhouette, making sure you’re looking sharp when the sun finally goes away for the winter.Blockbuster Coats for Autumn and Winter