A duffle coat for all seasons


In August we headed east.

In the car we had piles of our gorgeous new stock. Thick, warm coloured duffle coats for men.

Short and long duffle coats for women.

And our über-warm, unisex submariners sweaters.

We were headed for Cromer on the gorgeous North Norfolk coast

And this being a British seaside resort in the middle of August, we weren’t expecting much in the way of temperatures.

Good thing really.


Although it wasn’t quite duffle coat weather, it wasn’t far off. You can see that from the pictures.

Observe the steely grey sky.

And that biting wind? It didn’t come from a fan.

Our models didn’t complain when we dressed them in heavy winter duffle coats. And they happily slipped on our woollen hats.

To be honest, they didn’t really stand out much. In every direction there were hapless Brits shivering on the beach in August. It kind of goes with the territory if you live on our windswept chilly isle.

Fast forward a few months and we’re poised on the edge of duffle coat season.

Not only that, the forecasters are predicting an apocalyptic winter. If it’s true, Britain will grind to a halt. Although Scandinavia and Siberia will function in snow 10 metres thick, we’ll be jack knifing down motorways in 3cm of powder.

Ah well. We might be rubbish at weather, and snow in particular, but at least we’ll be looking sharp in our warm, woollen duffle coats. Every cloud…

Are YOU ready for winter? If you’re thinking a duffle coat is the way to go, head this way.