A day in the life of a duffle coat photo shoot

duffle coats uk

How hard can it be to take a photo of a duffle coat? You just line up the models, click click click and job done. Right?

Umm, not quite.

So come with us behind the scenes to see how the fabulous team at Prodoto Photographic Studios brought our latest duffle coat collection to life.

It started on a sultry day in September, 2014.

Our models, Jessica, India, Tom and Jacob travelled up to the Yorkshire Pennines and reported for work promptly at 0900. After Prodoto’s make-up artist, Rebecca Lockwood, had worked her magic, by 10am the team was ready to roll.

Despite the unseasonably warm temperatures, our models gamely put on sample after sample of our new range of woollen duffle coats, quilted duffle coats and genuine Harris Tweed jackets.

In collaboration with Prodoto, we’d chosen fresh pastel shades for the background. The pastels contrasted beautifully with the bold colours of our duffles and the muted shades of our tweed jackets.

And under the competent direction of Prodoto photographer, Jenni, our models posed, preened, stared and smiled at the camera.

They modelled our range of genuine Harris Tweed jackets.


genuine harris tweed jacket men

They showcased our brightly coloured Soho chunky boiled wool duffle coat. (We love how the vibrant green of this coat contrasts with the duck egg blue background.)
green boiled wool duffle coat


They looked sharp (and serious) in our waxed Denison jackets.
waxed jackets uk

They smiled in our quilted tweed duffle coats.
tweed duffle coat


quilted tweed duffle coats

And, somehow, they still managed to laugh despite wearing merino wool sweaters in soaring temperatures!

merino wool sweaters ladies

Talk about suffering for your art!

In between sweating/lightly glowing under the studio lights, our models were well looked after by the friendly team at Prodoto Photographic Studios.

There was tea, coffee and biscuits a-plenty (we can confirm: models DO eat) and lunchtime saw the arrival of freshly made ‘butties’ from the local grocer.

In total, the shoot lasted three days. During which time Jessica, India, Tom and Jacob tried on enough coats to last them a lifetime, and Jenni clocked up hundreds of digital images for us to choose from.

And what did the staff at Prodoto think of our duffle coats?

” The rails and rails of the most beautiful duffles in awesome colours – including orange and green – was a very good sight indeed in the studio!”

We’re really pleased with the results of our duffle coat photoshoot and we hope you’ll enjoy looking at our new range of coats in the Autumn/Winter 2014/15 brochure. Have you seen it yet? Feast your eyes on our new collection!

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