50 Shades of Grey: Why they’ve got the duffle coat bit all wrong

50 shades of grey duffle coat

We’re a little bit peeved here at Duffle Coats UK. Because we’ve read some unfavourable comments about Dakota Johnson’s duffle coat in 50 Shades of Grey.

Now the ‘red room of pain’ may not be your thing, so perhaps you haven’t seen the movie, but Dakota’s character, Anastasia, wears a duffle coat to her first meeting with Christian Grey. She’s visiting Christian’s offices to interview him at the request of her friend, Kate.

So far, so good. You go to interview someone, you wear a duffle coat to look smart/casual and a little bit intelligent. Totally normal. Right?

Apparently not.

It turns out that Anastasia is wearing a duffle coat to look DOWDY. To look completely unsophisticated and a little bit naive. Words fail us (almost). It gets worse. The Huffington Post wrote a light hearted article about the trailer for 50 Shades of Grey, where they published screen shots from the film. In the screen shot of Anastasia wearing a duffle coat, the caption reads:

“It turns out that our heroine is so dowdy, she wears a duffel coat. This is clearly someone ripe for transformation.”

How unfair is that? Are you, our duffle loving readers, feeling outraged at that comment? Good.

So let’s dispel the whole ‘duffle = dowdy’ thing shall we?

First up, our baby blue short duffle coat. DOES THIS SAY ‘DOWDY’ TO YOU? We thought not.

baby blue duffle coat

The colour is on trend, the toggles made of genuine buffalo horn (classy) and the high wool content makes the coat feel luxuriously soft. If Christian Grey bothered to embrace Anastasia while wearing our short blue duffle coat, we think the plot might have evolved a little differently.

Red. The colour of pain. (And of one of our most popular duffle coats)

Christian Grey has a bit of a thing for the colour red. And pain. Although we’ll gloss over the pain bit, we do agree with him on the excellent choice of red. Because red is the colour of our consistently popular coat; the women’s classic red duffle coat.

red duffle coat

We think that if Anastasia had swanned into his offices rocking one of these, the smouldering passion may well have EXPLODED right there in his fancy pants offices. Dowdy? Pah.

Grey. This month it’s all about the shades of grey

It is no coincidence that Christian’s suits, ties and helicopter all share the same colour. Grey. And his Lord Greyness is portrayed as steely, determined, enigmatic, desirable. So how can a grey duffle coat be dowdy? Take our new knitted Mayfair duffle coat for example.

grey duffle coat

Dowdy? We think not. Sitting just on the hips, this duffle coat nips you in nicely at the waist and looks great with a skirt (like Anastasia’s), work trousers or jeans. The hood is detachable and although the duffle is knitted on the outside, it boasts a waterproof lining. Perfect for steamy kissing scenes under waterfalls and the like. Who’s dowdy now?

So in summary, Anastasia was right to wear a duffle coat in 50 Shades of Grey. The only tragedy is not the domineering personality of Christian Grey, but the fact that she had to take the duffle coat off at all. Because, call us British, but some of those more risqué scenes could definitely have benefited from a long woollen duffle coat.

Join the duffle coat protest. Buy a duffle coat today and fight back against the D word. Wear your duffle with pride and never allow yourself to be called dowdy!

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