5 reasons to love your duffle coat



On International Duffle Coat Day, duffle coat lovers from across the world sent us photos of their duffle coats.

Not only that, they told us what they love about their duffles. And after reading through the many replies, we’ve summarised what our duffle coat buyers love about their coats.

It’s your ‘go-to’ coat, year after year

Our duffle coats are handmade in the UK. And they’re made to a very high standard, which means they last for years. So when winter comes around, there’s no need to think twice about a winter coat. You already have a go-to coat ready to take you from snow to spring.

Duffle coats are really (really) warm

Well made duffle coats aren’t light. They have a high wool content (recycled wool, since you ask) and the plain outer and checked lining combine to make a thick, heavy winter coat.

And a thick, heavy winter coat is a warm winter coat. Really (really) warm.

Duffle coats age gracefully

Our duffle coats just get better with age. As you wear your duffle, your body temperature heats up the coat and over time, the wool actually moulds to fit the shape of your body. So you’re not wearing just any duffle coat, you’re wearing YOUR duffle coat. Year after year.

There’s not just one kind of duffle

For every duffle coat lover who wants wooden toggles, there’s another who’ll only buy buffalo horn. Just as some buyers want a long duffle coat, and others prefer a short one.

And some want a duffle like the one Matt Lucas wore in Doctor Who. (We still can’t believe our duffle coat appeared on Doctor Who.)

There’s no right or wrong answer.

And the good news? We stock a range of different duffle coat styles. So if only a Paddington coat will do, our blue duffle will see you right.

Duffle coats are always in vogue

They may have been around for hundreds of years, but fashion never tires of a duffle coat.

Just this year Versace revived toggles with their deconstructed duffle on the Milan runway.

So rather than rushing out to buy this season’s must-have winter coat, just hold on to your duffle. It won’t be long before it’s the toast of the runway once again.

Have we missed any other compelling reasons for loving duffle coats? Let us know in the comments below.