5 reasons to choose a duffle coat this Winter

Five reasons to wear a duffle coat this winter

The clocks have gone back which is the official sign that it’s OK to hibernate, eat a bit more and ease up on the exercise regime. Phew. It also means no more nipping out in just a sweater; it’s time to reach for your coat.

And with that in mind, here are five reasons why you should be reaching for a duffle coat this winter.

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Be quietly – timelessly – stylish

Duffle coats are one of the most enduring coats in British fashion. First worn by the navy in 1860, they’ve since been reincarnated with every generation. So whatever the fashion houses may say, the duffle coat is always in vogue.

Not only that, the duffle coat has traditionally been worn by those who know their own mind when it comes to fashion. Whether worn over a suit in the City, or thrown over jeans at the weekend, a duffle coat wearer always cuts a dash.

Stay warm (and pity those who chose lighter coats)

If you’re going to invest in a winter coat, why spend the dark months shivering? The beauty of our wool rich duffle coats is that they are soft, stylish, warm and…HEAVY. The weight of a duffle is one way of telling that you’re buying a quality coat, and ours weigh in at a reassuring 2kg. Wearing one of our duffle coats is akin to being hugged by a warm, stylish blanket.

And when the wind whips up and the frost starts to bite, wearing a heavy winter coat will have you smirking at those who opted for a lighter coat.

Go retro with your coat shopping; buy British

Remember when the shops weren’t flooded with cheap clothing from overseas? When you spoke to real people on the phone and bought high quality products, made in the UK? At Dufflecoats UK we still hold dear to ‘old fashioned’ quality, handmade products and genuinely helpful customer service.

Our coats are handmade the traditional way, right here in Britain. They don’t spend weeks in a container being shipped from overseas; they’re stored safely in our Leicestershire warehouse ready for your order. And if the coat you receive isn’t the right size? Just give us a call and use our free returns service to make an exchange.

Invest in a winter coat that will last (and remind you fondly of your school days)

As well as their long association with the British Navy, the duffle coat evokes fond memories in adults who first wore them for school. Just the sight of a buffalo horn toggle can transport a duffle coat lover back to their school days. Then, as now, a duffle meant warmth, quality, and a coat that would last for years.

You can still rely on a well-made duffle coat to last. A good quality coat will be manufactured the traditional way; with two wool-rich layers woven together on a loom. This gives the duffle its classic plain outer layer and checked lining. And the double thickness ensures warmth and durability. By choosing your duffle coat carefully, you can expect it to provide years of winter warmth and style.

“I just wanted to say thank you for keeping up that amazing quality that you cannot find anywhere anymore and I will treasure the coat for many years!” Cheers from Canada, S. Baerg

The final reason?

Just two words; Paddington Bear.

Although he first hailed from deepest, darkest Peru, he’s become an enduring British icon. He’s sophisticated, individual, timeless and loved. And he wears a duffle coat. Paddington bear, we salute you!

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