• Versace tells us what we already knew about duffles. But she used Gigi Hadid to do it. So she wins


    Posted on March 8th, 2016

    Our models rock the catwalk (beach) wearing duffles. Who needs Milan?   Depending on your interest in haute couture, catwalks and fashion weeks, you may or may not have seen Donatella Versace’s show at Milan’s fashion week. And we didn’t see all of it either. But we did scan the headlines of the fashion press […]

  • Design details on duffles part 2: the brass studs on our slim fit duffles


    Posted on March 4th, 2016

    Today we’re continuing our series on the teeny elements of duffle coats that are: a) often overlooked b) amazing So can we tell you about the brass studs on the hoods of our Soho elegance slim fit duffles? (And actually, they ONLY feature on our Soho elegance slim fit duffles.) The reason they exist is […]

  • Mother’s Day is a marketing gimmick. But here’s why it still matters


    Posted on February 29th, 2016

    Scratching your head over what to buy for Mother’s Day?   Mother’s Day in the UK is fast approaching. And perhaps, like us, you’re a little cynical? It’s true that the tradition of honouring mothers can be traced back to Greek and Roman Times. But we can’t help feeling that the modern ‘Mother’s Day’ is […]

  • Design details on duffle coats. Part 1: buffalo horn toggles


    Posted on February 29th, 2016

    We’ve written before about the debate that rages about duffle coat toggles. And we’re so not getting involved. Instead, we’d just like to highlight the beauty of buffalo horn toggles. We’re not saying they’re better than wooden toggles, they’re different. And just as beautiful. Although buffalo horn toggles didn’t feature on the original duffle coats […]

  • Meet Amy Shore. Duffle coat lover and the photographer behind our gorgeous duffle coat images


    Posted on February 12th, 2016

    If you’re an avid reader of our duffle coats blog, you’ll know that in August we headed to Cromer for a photoshoot.   And since then? We’ve been proudly showcasing the lush images that resulted from that shoot. But what we haven’t told you, is who took the photographs.   That’s mainly because we could […]

  • Meet Bob Whittaker: the bearded, sax-playing duffle coat-wearer who fronts the awesome Blind Monk Trio Jazz band


    Posted on February 11th, 2016

    On a chilly night in December 2015, Bob Whittaker (sax), Hugo Harrison (bass) and Johnny Hunter (drums) took to the stage at the Jazz Café in Newcastle.   What happened next was vintage Blind Monk Trio. They rocked the room with their trademark jazz blend of Thelonious Monk-inspired tunes, fused with alternative rock and eastern […]

  • What’s the big deal about ‘Buying British’? Here’s what it means to us


    Posted on February 5th, 2016

    The Morris Minor. Another brilliantly British icon   Somewhere along the line, the phrase ‘Made in Britain’ lost its meaning. It even got a bit tangled up with the far right. Not so good. But up and down the UK there are still manufacturers who believe that ‘Made in Britain’ stands for integrity, quality, and […]

  • Be original this Valentine’s Day. Buy your Valentine a duffle coat


    Posted on February 2nd, 2016

    Valentine’s Day is approaching. And you have no idea what to buy your beau (or belle). It’s a common problem. But the answer is dead simple. It’s this: Buy them a duffle coat. And yes, you’re right, we’re being shamelessly self-promotional. But as there’s not long left to get your Valentine’s Day gift sorted, we […]

  • Here’s why we use recycled wool in our duffle coats


    Posted on January 22nd, 2016

    Please recycle this fleece. The planet will thank you   There is, of course, only one reason to use recycled wool. And it’s a compelling one. Quite simply because it makes environmental sense. Per kilo, sheep create the most CO2 and so if we can use that CO2 load twice? So much the better. We […]

  • Why you NEED hygge in your life (and how we can help)


    Posted on January 15th, 2016

    Are you ready to embrace hygge?   It started with the Danish political drama, Borgen. Then came The Killing, and Sarah Lund. (Wearing a sweater to die for.) And hot on her heels came The Bridge with the brilliant Saga Norén. (Wearing leather trousers to die for.) And our love affair with Denmark was complete. […]

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